01PSC000 Living Young SG Amplef Pure Silk Cleansing

Amplef Pure Silk Cleansing 150ml


Amplef Lissajous Silk Essence 40ml

01LSE000 Living Young SG Amplef Lissajous Silk Essence 40ml

Amplef Aqua Silk Mist 120ml


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Amplef Aqua Silk Mist – the spray mist lotion for all your moisturising needs.

With its special blend of ingredients, this luxurious mist provides hydration and relief from irritation whenever and wherever you need it.

Formulated with a powerful fermentation liquid that acts as a medium for all extracts, this mist offers a multitude of benefits.

Experience a whitening effect, antioxidant protection, and deep hydration, all in one convenient spray.

Use it after cleansing, during the day, or even before and after applying make-up for a flawless finish.

Take your skincare routine to new heights with Amplef Aqua Silk Mist.



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