Showcasing our anti-dementia programs at 15th Ageing Asia Innovation Forum

Brain Boost Program >
Recommended for those with MMSE≥28

Dual Boost Program >
Recommended for those with 24≤MMSE≤28

Multi Boost Program >
Recommended for those with MMSE≤24

Crystal Young (Gold Series)

Glow with our newly-formuated Crystal Young Gold Series Biocellulose Nanofibre Collagen facial masks


WASABI Sulfinyl™ – extracted from carefully-selected domestic true wasabi is produced under strict quality control in Japan.


Your Ultimate Youthful Restoration with Telomere Elongation and Stronger Immunity.

Efficacy of a dietary supplement derived from five edible plants on telomere length in Thai adults.

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Celebrate Cellular Regeneration with Cellutima Fullness Collection, Smooth, Eye and Relieve.

Vitality Young

Ageless Energy, Timeless Desire with Vitality Young Homme and Vitality Femme.

Crystal Young

Glow with Radiant Skin Using Proprietary Bio-cellulose Nanofibre (BioCNF) Technology.

Neuro Soundwave

Unlock Your Brain’s Full Spectrum with Soundwave Activation.

Amplef Skincare

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Cutting-Edge Japanese Dermal Science Against Hyperpigmentation.


Align Your Soul and Inner Peace on a Getaway Trip Overseas.

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