Interested to be a LHWY Franchisee?

To help the Franchisee develop the Franchise Business and to maintain consistency in applying the Method, the Franchisor will:

  • Assistance and advice: provide to the Franchisee: initial assistance and advice; such ongoing assistance and advice as the Franchisor deems necessary to help the Franchisee in running the Franchise Business. Such assistance and advice may cover Product, management, personnel, promotional, operational and financial matters;
  • additional assistance and advice required by the Franchisee, at the Franchisor’s then-current rates and terms.
  • Business reviews: hold regular reviews of the Franchise Business in accordance with the Manual.

Franchisee Meetings: convene regular franchisee meetings.

Information: provide the Franchisee with information relating to:

  • environmental, health and safety, and other industry practices; and
  • market and other information; relevant to, or which may affect the Franchise Business.

Manual: keep the Manual up-to-date to reflect changes in the Method. The Franchisor may alter the Method and/or the Manual in any way and at any time, and generally or with respect to particular franchisees or territories.

Marketing and promotion:

(a) market and promote the Franchise Business and/or Products jointly with the Franchisee in accordance with the Marketing Plan, as agreed

(b) at the Franchisee’s request supply promotional material which the Franchisor normally provides to franchisees as well as copies of proposed marketing, advertising and other promotional material for the Franchise Business and/or Products in advance of its use, and consider any comments the Franchisee may have.

Method: continuously develop and improve the Method.

Virtual Mall: provide assistance in locating and setting-up Virtual Mall whether as set out in the Manual or otherwise.

Products: supply such services, Merchandise, materials and/or information to the Franchisee as are required for the successful operation of the Franchise Business or assist the Franchisee in obtaining them.

Training: provide to the Franchisee:

  • introductory training and ongoing training in the Method as set out in
    the Manual and/or as are required for the successful operation of the Franchise Business or assist the Franchisee in obtaining such training.

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