Professor Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra
Professor Dr. Pichaet is a distinguished academic with an impressive record of 80 scientific publications. He has held various significant positions throughout his career, and is currently the Chairman and CEO of Asian Phytoceuticals Public Company Limited, renowned for developing internationally acclaimed products from natural sources.

Dr. Wu Chi-Yue

Dr. Wu is a luminary in the field of biochemistry. He has made a profound impact on cancer research, preventive health medicine, and food safety testing. With a Ph.D. from Yang Ming University, he’s honed his expertise through leadership roles in genomics and international research teams.

Ms. Weng Chih-Yi

Ms. Weng, a pioneer in botanical medicine, co-founded Charsire Biotechnology Corp. with her late husband, Mr. I-Hung Chu. Their journey, fueled by adversity and curiosity, led to the extraction of the groundbreaking Multi-Glycan Complex (MGC) from soybeans. After Mr. Chu’s passing in 2016, Ms. Weng carried forward his legacy. With over two decades of dedication, she successfully completed US FDA phase II clinical trials for topical drugs, gaining approval from the Taiwan FDA.

Mr. Paul Chen

Mr. Chen is a true innovator with a diverse background that combines chemistry, accounting, and patent law. As the President of EvoPhancie Biotech Ltd., he is at the forefront of cutting-edge inventions. In 2013, he founded EvoPhancie Biotechnology, dedicated to harnessing the transformative potential of bio-cellulose (BC) for a greener and better world.

Dr. Tang Juel Hoi

Dr. Tang is a distinguished scientist with an impressive track record of over 30 years in research and development. He is the visionary behind Neuro Soundwave Technology. As the Founder & CEO of Neuro Code Research and Chief Scientist at Neuro Code Research Centre, he combines his expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Neuro Soundwave. Dr. Tang’s impactful research has earned global recognition, and he also serves as an Executive Chairman and CEO of prominent organisations.

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