01LSE000 Living Young SG Amplef Lissajous Silk Essence 40ml

Amplef Lissajous Silk Essence 40ml


One Set of Amplef Series

01AS0000 Living Young SG Amplef Series

Amplef 24H UV Cream 30ml


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Description A skincare series designed for individuals in reducing hyperpigmentation and promoting skin whitening
Benefits Amplef Pure Silk Cleansing – the all-in-one cleansing solution for youthful skin.
Amplef Aqua Silk Mist – the spray mist lotion for all your moisturising needs
Amplef Lissajous Silk Essence – the anti-glycation and antioxidant essence serum.
Amplef 24h Treatment UV Cream – the perfect solution for your skin’s needs.
Safety Long Term Use: Yes
Pregnant Woman: No
Immune Compromised: Not recommended for those with existing skin and dermalogical conditions
Other Considerations: Individuals with existing skin conditions should seek professional advice before application
Mechanism Japanese Whitening Technology
Directions Follow label instructions
Testing Methods N/A
Dietary Advisory & Preference Halal Certified: No
Vegan-Friendly: No


Amplef 24h Treatment UV Cream – the perfect solution for your skin’s needs.

This innovative cream goes beyond ordinary moisturisers by providing round-the-clock care and protection.

With its SPF35++ or higher, it shields your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays during the day, while effectively cutting blue light exposure.

The cream’s rich formula not only hydrates and nourishes your skin, but also offers powerful antioxidant and anti-glycation properties.

No need to worry about a greasy appearance or clogged pores, as this cream leaves no colour tone and lacks UV absorbers.

Experience the benefits of Amplef 24h Treatment UV Cream and let your skin thank you.


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