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Description The first-and-only halal and vegan-friendly dietary supplement that can reduce biological age up to 23 years and strengthen one’s immunity against infections and certain cancers.
Benefits Reverse Aging/Anti-Aging via Telomere Elongation: Biological age known to reduce by 5 years on average after 8 weeks of continued consumption
Immunity Strengthening via CD3/4/8 Elevation: Immunity is strengthened and supports in the prevention of certain cancers, virus infections and balancing immunity
Safety Long Term Use: Yes
Pregnant Woman: No
Immune Compromised: Yes, but recommended to take Youthlocked A
Other Considerations: Not known, well tolerated by diabetic patients
Mechanism GM-1
Directions Empty stomach morning and night for optimal benefits
> 50 years old: 3 in the day, 3 in the evening for 8 weeks and then maintain with 2 in the day and 2 in the evening
< 50 years old: 2 in the day, 2 in the evening throughout
Maintain with 1 in the day, 1 in the evening upon desired results
Testing Methods Epigenetic Telomere Length Test (Blood, qPCR)
CD3/4/8 Test (Blood, qPCR)
Dietary Advisory & Preference Halal Certified: Yes
Vegan-Friendly: Yes


Youthlocked A is a remarkable product suitable for individuals with autoimmune disorders, allowing them to lock their youth and embrace a vibrant and age-defying lifestyle.

Each ingredient in Youthlocked A is carefully selected for its specific benefits. Centella asiatica juice powder, known for its rich phytochemical content, provides powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that strengthen the immune system and help repair DNA damage caused by aging.

Black sesame extract, with its abundance of antioxidants and bioactive compounds, counters oxidative stress and neutralizes harmful free radicals, promoting overall health and vitality.

Isolated soy protein plays a crucial role in enhancing cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol levels and minimizing the risk of cardiovascular diseases commonly associated with aging.

Guava fruit juice powder, packed with vitamin C, dietary fibers, phenolic compounds, and antioxidants, offers a host of health benefits, including reducing frailty and supporting overall well-being.

Mangosteen aril juice powder, rich in natural polyphenol compounds called xanthones, boasts anti-inflammatory properties and protects against cellular damage caused by free radicals. This aids in slowing down the aging process and guarding against degenerative diseases.

With Youthlocked A, you can confidently lock your youth and embark on a journey of timeless vitality. Unleash your true potential and seize each day with a renewed sense of vigor and radiance.

Experience the transformative power of Youthlocked A, maintain a healthy body and live young today!


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