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Sacred Young: Wealth (30cm x 30cm) – 10 Limited R


Sacred Geometry Key Holder (Love)

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Sacred Young: Set of Three (30cm x 30cm) – 10 Limited R


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Ancient civilisations, like Egypt and Greece, used shapes to symbolise life, death, war, and celestial bodies. Sacred geometry, rooted in ancient philosophy, explores mathematical principles in natural patterns and architectural designs. Involving the golden ratio and Flower of Life, sacred geometry signifies spiritual interconnectedness in diverse cultures.

Geometry’s harmonising properties find applications in:
Art – inspiring balance and aesthetic appeal in design
Meditation – aid focus and energy channeling, fostering a tranquil and centred state.
Architecture or Surroundings – enhances tranquility and well-being.

Understanding and utilising these geometric patterns deepen the connection with the universe, enhancing spirituality.

The geometry’s magnetic field attraction can be optimised through intentional activation, stimulating symbols with clear consciousness and mantras.

Love – Attraction to the opposite gender, fostering love and intimacy for lasting relationships. Aromas like Ylang Ylang enhance the seductive effect of the Love Geometry.

Health – Attracts positive energy, activates the immune system, and promotes overall well-being. Aromas like Frankincense and Lavender contribute to the Health Geometry’s effectiveness.

Wealth – Attracts financial abundance, facilitates business deals, and enhances charisma for prosperity. Aromas like Bergamot complement the Wealth Geometry’s magnetic field.



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