Living Young SG Cellutima FULLNESS FOCUS

Cellutima Fullness (Annual Programme)

$133.00 / month for 12 months

Cellutima Fullness (Quarterly Programme)

$150.00 / month for 3 months
Living Young SG Cellutima FULLNESS FOCUS

Cellutima Fullness (Monthly Programme)

$167.00 / month

Subscription Period: One Month Duration

Delivery Plan: One Dispatch of 1 bottle of Cellutima Fullness

Payment Scheme: Monthly Payment

  • Public Price: SGD167/month
  • Member’s Price: SGD150/month
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Description The first-of-its-kind all-in-one topical serum for improved concentration and alertness among young children and working professionals, and prevention of neurodegeneration associated with ageing by promoting active microcirculation and nerve cell regeneration for the brain
Benefits Active microcirculation – Alertness, better sleep and reduces feeling of “brain fog”
Sleep – aids in deeper sleep by reducing nightime “wakefulness” and daytime “sleepiness”
Nerve-cell regeneration – Supports cognition and mood elevation
Safety Long Term Use: Yes
Pregnant Woman: Yes
Immune Compromised: Yes, no known side effects
Other Considerations: N/A
Mechanism Multi-Glycan Complex (MGC)
Directions Once (Recommended for Kids and Teenagers) or Twice Daily as required (Recommended for Adults and Seniors)
Morning: Apply on the forehead, temples and back of neck
Evening: Similar to Morning, 3-4hours before bedtime, as required
Testing Methods MMSE
Smart Watches / Sleep Tracking Apps
Dietary Advisory & Preference Halal Certified: Yes
Vegan-Friendly: Yes


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