Job Description for Digital Content & Marketing Executive

The role:

LHWY is looking for a Digital Content & Marketing Executive to manage its online platforms such as website, online blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. He/she should be able to generate ideas, write, produce and edit engaging, shareable content that includes articles, social media posts and videos.


  1. Curate and create content including but not limited to articles, blogs, reviews, and social media content for LHWY’s online platforms that would attract advertising/sponsorship interest
  2. Enhance and improve traffic for LHWY’s online platforms
  3. Conduct/edit video recordings for posting on LHWY’s social media platforms
  4. Represent LHWY at social events, press conferences, media lunches, and overseas invitational trips.
  5. Assisting in the coordination of all LHWY’s local and overseas events
  6. Assist to attract media and sponsorship sales & other revenue generating ideas for the company. eg. Buyer’s Guide / Annual Supplements/ initiate Awards programme  etc
  7. Database & Mailing List:  to assist Admin & Ops manager to maintain, refresh and improve the quality and quantity of LHWY’s mailing lists and databases


  1. Applicants should have a diploma or degree preferably in mass communication / journalism
  2. Fluent in English (written and spoken)
  3. Digital savvy, creative and a good writer/story teller
  4. Some experience with curating content for online platforms preferred
  5. Experience in video recording/editing preferred
  6. Fundamental understanding of SEO related metrics preferred

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