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Description A non-steroidal botanical topical serum formulated for the skin to address dryness, itchiness and eczma associated with lifestyle, environmental and other stress elements
Benefits Active microcirculation – Improved blood circulation to the affected face and skin region promoting cellular rejuvenation
Anti-inflammatory: Provides relief to dry and itchy skin and improving the visual appearance of the face and skin
Safety Long Term Use: Yes
Pregnant Woman: Yes
Immune Compromised: Yes, no known side effects
Other Considerations: Individuals with existing skin conditions should seek professional advice before application
Mechanism Multi-Glycan Complex (MGC)
Directions Twice daily or on demand
Morning: Apply on the eye region
Evening: Similar to Morning, 1-2 hours before bedtime
Testing Methods N/A
Dietary Advisory & Preference Halal Certified: Yes
Vegan-Friendly: Yes



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